Saturday, 3 December 2011

The World at a Glance

Zimbabwe: Police tackle male rape

In Zimbabwe, the police believe there is a nationwide syndicate of women raping men, possibly to use their semen for prosperity rituals. Three women are set to go on trial in the capital, Harare over the allegations. One victim alleged that he was raped repeatedly by three women that offered him a lift then injected him with a substance that produced ‘strong sexual desire’. The police have not revealed the number of reported cases but one counselor believes many victims are reluctant to come forward.

New Burmese law authorises protests

A new law in Burma will allow peaceful demonstrations to take place for the first time, according to state media reports. President Thein Sein signed the law which requires protesters to seek approval at least five days in advance.
Demonstrations were previously banned. It is the latest reform carried out by Burma’s civilian government since the military junta relinquished power earlier this year.

Saudi report warns against women drivers

In Saudi Arabia, a report has warned that allowing women to drive would provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce. The report, presented to the country’s legislative assembly by Muslim scholars said that if the ban was lifted there would be no more virgins in the kingdom within the next ten years. Though there is no formal ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, a woman can be arrested for getting behind the wheel. Saudi women  have staged several campaigns to overturn the ban.

World’s ‘biggest’ insect discovered

An adventurer has discovered an insect that has been named the world’s largest. Former park ranger, Mark Moffet, discovered the giant weta up a tree in Little Barrier Island, New Zealand.
The cricket-like creature which has a wing span of eleven inches is so huge that it can eat carrots. The giant weta is the world’s largest specie of insect. The one found by Moffet weighs the equivalent to three mice.

Crematorium to generate electricity

A crematorium in the United Kingdom is installing turbines that will convert waste heat from corpses into electricity. The combustion of each corpse will produce as much as 150 kilowatt hours of juice – enough to power 1,500 televisions for an hour. The facility in Durham plans to sell the electricity to local power companies. The owner of the company said that the process makes cremation much greener.


  1. The information in this whole post is completely new to me. Who would have thought that female rapists would be such a threat. I bet there are still a thousand facts still undiscovered. If I saw an insect that size, I'd probably get a small tyre and burn it (Naija style)... Lol. Really informative blog.

  2. Hahaha. Thanks for your comment Lanre. True talk. The insect wouldn't live long enough to enter the Guinness book of records.

  3. Lord help us all! How insane is this? Whos can bet against the men suffering more humiliation in the court as they are forced to reveal what exactly happened during the attack? " Sir,you mean to tell this court you were overpowered by three women...a huge man-mountain like you?"...Seriously though,what has the world become?

  4. Women drivers in Saudi Arabia? We have known for a long time that the Saudi authorities are a repressive and paranoid bunch whose patrichial values dictate the socio-political landscape,where men are the masters of everything they survey and the poor women are nothing more than possessions for the men to parade around,albeit hidden behind sweat-inducing hijabs...Pathetic!

  5. I share the same sentiments, Will. Can't imagine the abject humiliation the male rape victims will go through in recounting their's little wonder many haven chosen to keep the unsavoury experience to themselves.

    Yeah, the Saudi report is beyond ridiculous...suggesting that virgins will disappear just because women take to the wheel is a grossly illogical/extremist view.