Thursday, 29 December 2011

We stop being selfish at 33

A recent study by a UK charity claims that when we reach 33 we lose the 'all about me' attitude and begin to consider others' feelings more frequently.

The Make-a-Wish foundation revealed in its study that the older we grow, the more selfless we become in almost all areas of life. Over 33's are likelier to
  • Look out for their neighbours
  • Give up their seats for elderly people on public transport
  • Donate their unwanted clothes and items to charity rather than throw them away
  • Get involved in issues affecting their communities
In contrast the under 33's were likelier to put themselves first in all circumstances.

What do you think of the study?

Do you agree? Has growing older made you less selfish?


  1. Well I think the older we become the more our perspective about life changes i.e the big picture becomes clearer. We see our rights but then we also see we have responsibilities as well. So I do agree with the study. But it doesn't mean every one above 33 years is selfless.

  2. So why is society not a better place to be then? You just need to hop into the tube for evidence that this study is an utter waste of time. There you will see how selfish and barbaric the human can be. Who writes this stuff?

  3. @Ken, I agree that maturity broadens our view of the world & possibly tempers our selfish tendencies. But I'm not sure how selfless we become as a result.

    @Will, I get your point. There are still a lot of selfish people well into their 30s. I wouldn't completely discredit the study though. It does make some sense.

    Thanks for your comments guys.

  4. Well Jesus died at thirty three...maybe it is a spiritual thing...or maybe you just realize everything does not always have to be about you.

  5. Wow, Uzo. That's a good correlation. Didn't actually think of that. It's interesting that most of you are in agreement with the study's findings. Thanks for the comment.