Thursday, 22 December 2011

West African Sun

I love West Africa’s Sun

Shining bright

Beaming vibrant energy

Penetrating earth’s center

Giving life to this citadel on earth's equator

Tanned skin

Dark chocolate candy

Earth yields

And flows with its bounty

Sweet yams

Fresh corn

Sprouting vegetables

Strong scented-meat

roasting on wooden spines

Goats and rams

Wild chickens and boar

Youthful energy

Skips and hops

Feet grazing against

earth’s red soil

Women’s hips gyrate


Earthy hands

Scoop water from the spring

Clay pots balance

on sore scalps

As we toil and laugh

In the shade of trees

We find rest

Muslims and Christians

Idol worshippers, herbalists

And voodoo doctors

We devour the flesh

Of zesty fruits

Licking our juice-laced


Enjoying the warmth of

West Africa’s Sun

This is true harmony

This is true oneness

Let earth feel her worth

Let dreams be birthed

(by Uzo Ugwu)

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