Monday, 27 April 2015

Read of the Week - The Ugly side of Professional Football

American football players (Google images)
This week's pick is a more poignant read. To the outside world, football or American football players are the definition of masculine strength, athleticism and success. Behind the scenes, players can pay a hefty price with their bodies, health and even their lives. The New York Times account of Patrick Risha's time on and off the field provides a riveting read.

*Thanks to reader Oby Ijeh for pitching a read for the week. That's another read in the pipeline! All suggestions on a 'read of the week' are highly welcome...and don't forget to post your comments (smiley emoji)*

 Happy reading!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Men have Rights too

Fathers 4 Justice campaigners (Google images)

"It is not only women that are oppressed, men are oppressed too; they just don't moan about it"

I took a mental pause when my brother said this. "Really?"


All at once, my Dad and brothers started talking: Men do not get to enjoy exclusive perks and privileges that women take for granted; the burden of expectation on men can also be the list gathered pace and snowballed into a full-blown rant , I could only sit back and listen.