Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson: villain to legend

I just heard the news of Michael Jackson's death this morning. I must say it's the most surreal and shocking news I've heard in a very long time. It's been very painful for me, because I think he's gone too soon. But what is even more painful is all of a sudden he has become a 'musical legend' and 'changed our world' but how come no one has said any of this before now? Oh yeah right people have said it of course. But what we've heard most times is 'wacko jacko' being the crazy eccentric who everyone loves to hate. It's sad when people are only acknowledged and given the praise they deserve when they are gone. What use is the tributes if he's dead and gone? Surely he can't hear any of it.

I wish I had a platform to say to members of the beloved media, please stop this people bashing. Stop bashing PM Gordon Brown for not being picture perfect, charismatic & suave. Stop bashing celebrities for having flaws, stop bashing people: politicians, musicians, actors or anyone else for being human.