Monday, 30 January 2012

A window on the life of immigrants in the 1800s

These remarkable photos provide a window on the life of immigrants in 19th century New York. Captured in black and white, the photos highlight the tough life immigrants had: sweat shops, shanty towns and slums.

Three children huddle together over a grate for warmth in an alleyway off Mulberry Street, Manhattan

(1887) Men loiter in an alley off Mulberry Street

An Italian migrant worker smokes his pipe

                                                              Mulberry Street today


  1. Wow Fresh Angle! I must admit that one of your most powerful product are your images. The way you bring to people's knowledge unknown stories in using incredible pictures is great. Thanks a lot.
    In this group of pictures it is difficult imagining and realising where present day America/Americans is coming from. The contrast with the last picture was hilarious, especially the two casually kissing and hugging on the same street.
    Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks Dlaw. I stopped in my tracks the first time I saw them. Looking at Italian Americans like Madonna, it is difficult to think they had such a hard life when they migrated to the States.

  3. The pictures show a great transformation in the United States; I wonder if Christianity played any positive role over the years? I think so because in God's dictionary, there is neither Gentiles nor Jews - which means that God sees all Immigrant and non-Immigrant as equal. I think that such doctrine must has been one of the factors that helped to improve the lots of immigrants. Thanks for the great pictures.


  4. It does, Prof-G. It also gives hope to developing countries. The fact that there is poverty and devastation today, does not mean things cannot be better tomorrow.

    It's also possible Christianity played a role in the transformation. Since their motto is 'In God We Trust'.

    Thank you for your comment.