Sunday, 22 January 2012

Broken Heart

My heart is broken
By the tears in your eyes
My heart is broken
By the ululation on your lips
Last night I saw you
Looking at me
I saw the questions
Blazing through your eyes


We used to walk the path together
The higgledy piggledy road
That set our teeth on edge
We used to count the blisters on the
Palms of our hands
After handling hoes and cutlasses
On the intransigent farmland

Together we hawked ‘pure water’
On the busy streets
While the tarred road
Fried the soles of our feet
We drew water from the deep well
Until our hands were chafed
We fought off hunger, heat,
Darkness and mosquitoes
Because our hearts were kindled with hope

We elected leaders
Who promised us paradise
On earth
But gave us hell in return

Animals invade our streets
Detonating bombs
We count our dead daily

Starvation storms through our streets
Hunting down the weak
We count our dead daily

Higgledy piggledy roads
Set our teeth on edge
We count our dead daily

My heart is broken
By the tears in your eyes
My heart is broken
By the ululation on your lips
I am afflicted with your pain
I cry your tears
Yet in my heart
Remains a beam of hope
So I will dare to dream
Of a better today
A better tomorrow
A better future
For you and for me


  1. Thanks for the wonderful write up. What can we do in Nigeria to avoid all the blood sheds in our street? Can some one suggest solution to the Boko Haram problem in Nigeria? Will the Boko Haram disciples agree to an anmesty program?

    One thing I know for sure, is that something must be done very fast to stop innocent people being killed. We have prayed but we also need a solution to stop this madness.


    1. Prof G, thank you for your comment. I agree with you. The govt has developed a habit of condemning the attacks but doing nothing about it. We need to be proactive & not reactive to the problem at hand. This madness must stop.

  2. I feel touched (...sobs).
    To the government, the effect of Boko Haram simply diminishes their reputation. To the poverty striken masses, it determines their destiny.
    I love the way you chose your perspective from that of the helpless Nigerian. If only the government could come down to that level.

    1. Thanks, Lanre. It is only the government that can tackle this menace. Problem is, they are not prepared to do anything.

    2. Wow very deep....only an African will understand how serious the economic situation is...and the suffering. good writing

    3. Thanks, Uz. Absolutely. Only the man who wears the shoe knows where it bites.