Monday, 28 January 2013

A Week in the Life of A Nigerian Gold Hunter

It was still dawn when I set out.  The ravaging sunshine that often afflicted those of us living on the cusp of the Sahara had not thrust its way through the clouds when I met up with an old friend and also my middle man. He was called Target.

Target had an inside knowledge of Zamfara state, where we were going to hunt for gold. His father  - a prominent chief - knew a reliable gold dealer in the region, so he was taking me there.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The 'Worst' Airline on the Planet

As I watch sheets of snow blanket the road, rooftops and trees, I can’t help but spare a thought for the unfortunate travellers ground at Heathrow airport following the cancellation of 200 flights due to icy conditions.
It’s not hard to empathise with them when I recount my experience two weeks ago at Ataturk Airport, in Istanbul ,Turkey. There was snow, there was delay and there were amazingly rude staff.