Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Laugh Out Loud!


  1. Hehehe!
    I'm so sorry for the cameraman, his camera must be "spit-logged" and I hope all that ammo isn't for one country.
    I fully salute the half naked guy. Maybe we all need to adopt that strategy (stay naked until the security check). Can't wait for the next season of "Laugh out loud"

  2. This is very funny, but it makes you think too. Especially the vulture press, and the pension situation in Nigeria.

  3. @Lanre, lol. Wouldn't the airport security be over the moon if all passengers (including women) turned up half naked. Thanks for your comment.

    @Myne, yes the vulture press says a lot. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Oh my, this is the funniest set of cartoons yet.sure the humour is there but the point behind each one is powerful. You really can't choose between them. I like the coffin guy and the feral press.

  5. Will, it's so true. Humorous but thought provoking. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Thankyou once more Fresh Angle for cartoons that bring forth the questions like no other:
    The coffin made me stop in my tracks... So rather than becoming lifelines, pensions have become slave masters. Any suggestions for an alternative old age care system will be useful.
    Could the need to pass through customs naked be a protest against the 'over thorough' checks performed at such sites?
    That need for mature plane passengers to go back to wearing nappies reflects the excessive power that private businesses and monopolies have over the common man.
    As for the 'feral press' (thanks for the phrase Will)could it be that there is no press freedom, but rather a press subject to spout forth and repeat whatever gutter comes forth from the mouth of some business mogul?

  7. @Dlaw, thank you for your comment. In Nigeria civil servants will spend eternity waiting if they want to rely on the govt for their upkeep. It's best they find alternative means of survival.

    As for the airport situation, it is ridiculous. Imagine someone wearing a belt 'cos his/her trousers are oversized, and having to take it off at the airport.

    We the press are more interested in the story than the welfare of the individual, after all we are not philanthropists. Just humans trying to survive in the midst of fierce competition! Treat that as tongue-in-cheek, pls!

  8. By the way when they are talking of the 'impact of recession' let me encourage us all not to get 'logged in' in our thinking. It seems a certain group out there want people to believe in this recession and to be ready to accept the worst based on it. It seems that this thinking will suit their plans. Things are rough and tough, but we do not have to believe in a negative and live it. Recession starts in the mind more than anywhere else.