Monday, 5 December 2011

Pics for a laugh

Man must survive

We're vying for the Guinness book of records!

Necessity is the mother of invention

This is sooo cool

So much work for palm oil

All set to resume work at the World Bank

You spies! I'll teach you a lesson! look tasty mate

Free bungee jumping

Nothing can separate me from my best friend


  1. The helicopter shot is obviously doctored.The man with the chest-high trousers funny.I'm embarrassed for him.Hilarious pics.

  2. Thanks, Will. You're sharp-eyed. Didn't realise the helicopter shot was doctored.

  3. @Oluchi It must be doctored.The down draught from the helicopter has no effect on the dog.Plus the dog is standing on hard ground, casting it's shadow on the surface-unlikely with the wind from the helicopter.If the dog is not sinking why does it need rescue by helicopter?

  4. I totally laughed at these pictures and I simply had to copy most of them to my system...You give a good reason for laughing...Hee hee hee...Oluchi, wow...this is some good blog you got here. Well done...