Saturday, 31 December 2011

Photos of the day

Here are a selection of photos I saw on They are incredible photos from the early 20th century, and were taken by the millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn.

Using his massive fortune, Kahn sent a group of photographers to more than 50 countries worldwide. They took the earliest colour photographs in countries such as Brazil, the United States and Benin republic.
 I think they are simply mind blowing. Please I would love to get your comments on the photos. What do you think?

Stunning: The hustle and bustle of the Thames in early 20th Century London is captured in this image
The river Thames in early 20th century London

Different times: Revealing how the world has since changed, this picture shows a traditional-looking couple in Holland in the early 20th Century
A traditional-looking couple in 20th century Holland

Changing world: The earliest versions of cars can be seen in this early 20th Century Canadian street
Twentieth century Canada

Amazing: This picture was taken in the then West African country of Dahomey - which is now the Republic of Benin. For these villagers it was most likely the first time they had seen a camera
Villagers in the west African country of Dahomey, now known as the republic of Benin

Revealing: This culture of Algeria was brought to life in this picture, which was part of Albert Kahn's attempt to promote peace and understanding across the world
A colourful display of Algerian culture

Uniting the world: The ambition of Albert Kahn's project is captured in this early 20th Century image of China, with two curious youngsters watching the photographer at work
Two curious youngsters watch the photographer in China

Opening up the world: A traditional scene from Vietnam. This picture is one of the earliest-known colour photographs from the country
A traditional scene from Vietnam

click here for more photos on Daily Mail.


  1. Wow, really beautiful pictures.I love the one from Benin.Is that the Titanic on the Thames? Hehehe, just kidding!

  2. Wow Fresh Angle and Thanks for the pictures! An apt note to end the year on, for they emphasise three important points about life: that life is constantly changing; that in all cultures and times there exists an inherent dignity-if only we are willing to look for it- and the fact time is precious-we are but a short spate in time that plays our part, soon to go and only to be recorded in pictures- so we better optimally utilise it!

  3. I must admit that my favourite picture was that of the men from Congo: see them standing in dignity, tall and proud before their huts with their pricks standing out straight as well! They have no idea that they are naked (probably they don't really understand what it is to be photographed either), but they are simply tall proud and strong! What a contrast to the typical image of Africa today. Be proud of yourself whoever you are and whatever you are, that's one sure key to happiness.

  4. Do you know that a look at these pictures gives a very good perspective on today's global politics? See China: already looking powerful and magestic in her wall; Holland looking laid back like it does not want to be disturbed; Congo looking proud but ignorant; Algeria wanting to maintain her exclusivess via her colours; Vietnam looking secretive, while with Canada it seems hard to categorise her. England exudes a centre for many nations, but with the clock in the back trying to keep a constantly British look.
    Thus the problems of today's international relations are inherent in the nations and come from a long way back!

  5. Wow, Dlaw. Thanks for your voluminous comments! Just a quick note, it is Benin republic in the photo and not Congo. I love the observations you made. The photos are so powerful that they can generate millions of words. Thanks once again.

    @Will, thanks for your faithfulness in commenting. Comments are every bloggers delight.
    It's amazing how the Thames has changed. The ones from Benin are also my favourite.

    Happy new year.

  6. I like the naked congo man picture too...and the thames river with those wooden boats...very interesting...Lydia was that an elephant in that Algerian picture.

  7. Oluchi do you have a bigger one of the Benin one? I really want to see those mmhhmm lower members better they have hardons from looking at the camera or are was is something in the water. LOLOLOL I'm killing myself. But all of them are fantastic thank you. I enjoyed this post so much.

  8. @Godwin, I can't make out if it's an elephant either. But don't worry, I'm going to look for a better template that will enable me to enlarge photos. Thanks for your comment.

    @Wendy, I know! that Benin photo takes the cake. There's a link below where you can go to dailymail and see the enlarged versions. Thanks for your comment. Hope to see more comments from you.