Friday, 16 December 2011

Photo of the week

At 62cm tall, Jyoti Amge has entered the Guinness book of records as the world's smallest woman. The 18-year-old hopes to celebrate her success by launching a Bollywood career. 


  1. I cant but feel sorry for the little young woman,who had to endure what could possibly be described as a "petting-Zoo" experience so that we could "enjoy" a nicely arranged picture moment.I mean take a long look at that picture! Tape measure? Check,Officious Guinness busybodies? Check, impressionable obliging parent? Check, Rabbit-in-the-headlights victim? CHECK! Against a well-dressed set neatly arranged for the official picture ceremony.All of this so we can gawk at the little young woman being officially humuliated infront of cameras,being presented with a little than worthless piece of paper declaration...Its the modern day equivalent of the medieval bear-pit! Reminds me of one poor african woman who was cruely paraded in European circuses and street corners,all this for the simple enough crime of being born with a larger-than normal Ahem...hoohah! Immoral buffoons paid to point and make fun of that poor soul who endured long periods of utter abject humiliation in front of a hostile and feral audience! I rest my case!

  2. Will!! Such strong sentiments! I never thought of it in that dimension. I actually looked at her and thought aww, isn't she cute.

    She said that her size has allowed her to visit many countries, so in a way has been a blessing to her.

    Yeah I guess there is a degree of 'petting zoo' but it's not as terrible as you make it to be. There are a lot of fringe benefits that will accrue to the girl as a result & open doors of opportunities that she would never have had if she was not listed in the Guinness book of records.