Sunday, 18 December 2011

What would you like to read?

I've been thinking of it for a while and, as the title suggests, I'd like to give you an opportunity to suggest a topic you would like me to write on. It could be anything.

This is just an experiment. Your response will determine whether or not it is worth pursuing.

What do you think? Do you fancy submitting topics you'd like to get a fresh angle on, or would you prefer topics generated soley by me?

If not, what topics do you fancy seeing up on the blog?

Thanks in advance for an overwhelming response! 


  1. One of my favourite commenters on my blog actually used this strategy and it worked well for her. Lots of people, including me posted suggestions and her subsequent posts are based on them.

    I'm really comfortable with what you write about. Though, I'd like a fresher angle on whether success is about money or personal fulfilment. And also, why most ladies seem to like bad guys (funny huh!), give it a better title.

    I hope I'm not 'digressing' from your blog's subject matter? I'll try this strategy sometime.

  2. Lanre, thanks a million for being my first responder!

    I asked the question because I get very few comments on my blog & I want to build a better rapport with my readers. Perhaps engaging them in the writing process will 'break the ice.'

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will try lighter subjects like you've just suggested, of course bringing in a fresher angle.

    There are a million ways to analyse and deconstruct the girls love bad guys & money subject.

    Thanks once again.

  3. How about the futility of "celebrity"? Since so many young people aspire to the celebrity life, I think this needs a close examination. And yes Lanre Why do women seem to love the badboy?
    Lastly,we could look at the new arms race, which players such as the US, China and Russia seem to love so much?

  4. Thanks for your suggestion, Will.

    I've actually been thinking about picking on the Kim Kardashian story & writing something about it.
    The celeb culture is way out of order.

    Please can you clarify what you mean by the new arms race?

  5. Uchenna Felicia Ugwu18 July 2014 at 06:00

    Some people are still interested in reading books. Why not invite readers to give the title of at least two interesting books that they've read and let us know why we should read them?

    I'll set the ball rolling by mentioning one.
    The book that I''m recommending for FRESH ANGLE readers to refresh their minds with this week are:
    1) "Hitler's Secret Book". While Hitler's authorship of this book is not 100% guaranteed, it offers some interesting perspectives on the politic reasoning of the man and of the German people. It's principles can be adapted by any country interested in nation building. But be warned the English is a bit archaic and the book pretty long so it might be best to read it in a jumping form. Also weed out the principles. Pick the positive and forget about the ones encouraging hatred. Its strongest message is that the strength of a people does not lie so much in the size of its army or economy, as in the inner values to which the people subscribe and believe in.

  6. Uchenna Felicia Ugwu18 July 2014 at 06:04

    I'd be interested if readers could suggest for me one or two interesting books by which I could RE-FRESH my mind. Simply state the title, why its interesting and maybe any points for argument