Monday, 19 March 2012

Laugh Out Loud!

Nice one, President!


  1. I am laughing my head off! Thanks fresherangle. Till now I am yet to understand the charisma behind the 'half-pant' showing style worn by some guys. It isn't classy, smart, cool, or even attractive. Other ladies are free to disagree if they have found looking at a guys open pants the secret ingredient that made them find a guy irresistably attractive. So what is it?

  2. For the older guys that wear this style all I have to say is 'beware'! You don't need that kind of make-over. Society might overlook a teenager showing his pants to us, but it will be less forgiving of you!

  3. As for the other two cartoons, I am not sure if I can laugh as whole-heartedly with them. Because I think Obama has a good chance of winning the US elections once again-if the comments of the media are anything to go by. As for the affects of the financial crisis or recession not being felt in rural areas, are we sure that it doesn't trickle down in the form of more expensive petrol, beer, corn seed and fertilizer for planting?

  4. Dlaw, thanks for your comments. As always, they are hilarious. Yes, I agree. The sagging pants style is utterly despicable. Don't care where it emanated from; it's just not on. The third is actually President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, not Obama. Says so much about governance.

  5. Ladies, take it easy.

    Well even though I do not fancy sagging pants, I can understand why it is worn. There is this half baked story that the pants worn in the US prison is without belt and therefore sags - so when young people wear sagging pants, they are saying "we do not want to conform to your standards" - a sort of rebellion.

    For me, I see it a way to complement the Ladies fashion. If the boys do not wear sagging pants, what else should they do? Carry mirrow, eye pencils in their bags? Ladies spend hours grooming; what should boys do?

    I am neutral when it comes to sagging.


  6. Prof G, I thought the no-belt dress code in US prisons was a bid to avoid suicide by prisoners. I don't have a problem with fads, but I do have a problem with people - male or female - flashing their underwear in public. It is called UNDERwear for a reason. Rather than wearing pants hanging off your waist, don't wear them at all.

    Prof G, in answer to your question, men do groom more and more these days. The new brand of metrosexuals moisturise, apply makeup and go all out to look good.

    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Lol at Goodluck!!!!! hilarious!

  8. Lol. It is. He is so clueless, he has to look to facebook for ideas. Thanks for your comment, Ag.

  9. :) Oluchi this is so hilarious especially that of my Presido....

  10. Lol first cartoon.Touche! And no,there is nothing "hip" "fly" "cool" or "happening" about saggy pants.I think those doing it are just trying too hard.The "recession" cartoon is funny,while illustrating an important observation. Rural folk are often the last ones to be affected by the fervent concerns of urban types.I suppose the Goodluck cartoon carries a contextual Nigerian meme? No?

    1. I agree with you Will whole-heartedly! I cannot stop laughing at the first cartoon Fresher-Angle. It is hilarious on a 'World class' level. Funnily enough I am not sure if such threats will be effective in this generation.
      With regard to the peace that can come from being rural, I agree that is one advantage of being rural. Maybe more of us should shift to the villages to obtain such peace. As for Goodluck's cartoon, that's a good one too. His numerous Special Advisors are probably as uninterested in hearing the voice of the people as the President. Show me your friends and I'll show you who you are? Thanks FresherAngle for some fresh laughter this weekend.