Saturday, 31 March 2012

Food for Thought


  1. Thanks FrsherAngle. The website had me laughing off as usual. It is an ample illustration of the dominant place that internet technology and communication has taken in our lives.
    That it can get to the stage whereby even face to face meeting cannot take place without a laptop, or that we even have to upgrade our brains electronically (by means apart from education) while hilarious is scary and indicates that checks and balances might be necessary else human safety may be abused in the present environment.

    The most recent illustration that I can think of is the law that some legislators are trying to pur in place in Britain that will allow both the government and some private firms to trace all the internet sites and addressess accessed by persons residing in Britain. The latter legislation if enacted will virtually remove the privacy of all persons resulting in the need to conform to 'computer standards'.

  2. FresherAngle may I ask whether with its head shaped like Africa the third picture represents Africa? If so, then it is appropriate! Some fat guys do sit at the top eating resources, with hungry masses under. Let me just ask, is it impossible for the guy under to remove his head because of its shape? Or must he grow fatter first?

  3. Dlaw, thank you for your comments. I think virtual life and reality have become so entwined that the thin line dividing them both has faded into obscurity.

    As for the African cartoon, it is a demonstration of reality. Some fat cats get all the cream while the poor underdogs eat the crumbs from under the table. Big shame.

    I appreciate your comments.