Monday, 22 April 2013

One Life = Sixty Lives

Hmm...something baffles me. The events that happened in Boston, USA are rather unfortunate. My heart goes out to the families and friends affected.Two hapless young men - motivated by reasons best known to them - decided to ruin a marathon by detonating homemade bombs that claimed three lives. It was an act of terrorism, and so it has set the news agenda ablaze. I've actually had to ease off BBC a bit, because there's little else that is 'news'.

In the same space of time, 200 people were killed by an earthquake in China.

In Syria, 350 people were reportedly massacred.

The Syrian story was given a bit of coverage.

The Chinese story was treated as an aside.

And this is the source of my bafflement:

Why do the  hundreds of  lives lost in China & Syria seem to be far less important than the three lives lost in the States? Or to rephrase, why is one story deemed more important than the others? Is it because it has to do with terrorism? Is it because it is the world's superpower, USA? Is it because natural disasters are not sensational enough? Or, is it because some lives are seen to be more important than others?

What are your thoughts? What do you think about the coverage given to the Boston Bombings? Do you think it merits the amount of space & attention devoted to it? Do you think the earthquake in China is less important?

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