Monday, 2 July 2012

Laugh Out Loud!


  1. Welcome back Fresh Angle. I've been missing the fresh breeze that you regularly give us.
    Thanks for welcoming us into July with a laugh! I found the funniest cartoon the one of the naked man running in order to keep up the 'great Olympic tradition'. Ha-ha-ha... I suspect however that if everyone were ordered to go about naked as part of the Olympics, people will get tired and bored of nakedness in a jiffy. Rather than being something of interest, people's bodies would become a boring repetitive uncouth site.
    As for the old english couple wanting to support a none British team, they shouldn't worry. I find that all countries speak of their Olympic teams in the most critical terms. On the other hand may I ask is Britian presenting a single Olympic team, or are Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England presenting teams independently?