Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Laugh Out Loud!


  1. Oh my goodness the first two cartoons are a hoot!Although I could'nt make out the guy standing next to Mugabe,but still I get the point.The last one,unlike the first two,points to a serious issue and is a poignant reminder of how those actions are not dissimilar in the fact that innonent lives are the casualties (no pun intended)of those very acts.

    1. I know, Will. Neither could I make out who it was. The cartoons are hilarious, I agree, but they also carry serious messages. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Wow! They're absolutely brilliant cartoons. The question raised in the third one is the most challenging... where does the freedom to do business, freedom of religion and the Human Right to life balance? Where a fundamental Human Right is being affected or threatened by an act (whether explicitly or implicitly) shouldn't total legal prohibition be placed on that act? If decades after the commencement of such international institutions like the WTO and UN, their programmes have proved that man is ultimately greedy and self centred and the actions of governments is highly configurated to support such self centerdness via business monopolies. Various checks attempted have proved ineffective. The only option is to make null and void any action, or provision of a regulation or treaty whose implementation interferes with basic human rights.

  3. Dlaw, thanks for your legal take on the issue. That's why you're DLAW. It's true. That's why I am in support of a mixed economy. In a free market, multinationals are bound to take liberties because they can't see beyond the megabucks. Not sure annulling regulations that interfere with basic human rights can actually take off. Too many contrary forces.

    Thanks again for such insight.