Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sad...Very Sad...

Sad, shell shocked, surreal, sickening, barbaric, unthinkable, despicable...a young soldier cut down with knives and machetes on the streets of Woolwich, South east London, in broad day light. Just shaking my head. Was it a terrorist attack? Was it two black men attacking a lone, helpless white soldier? I don't know.

One thing is clear to me: whoever hacked the innocent young man to death must be a mental case. No sane man would do that. He or they are not two sane human beings. They are lunatic animals masquerading the streets in human form.

Shaking my head...shouldn't a young man feel safe in his own country, on his streets? Shaking my head...sad sad times. My heart and prayers remain with the deceased's family. May they come to terms with their loss.


  1. I am stilll in utter shock and dismay at the severe barbarity and cruelty in which this soldier lost his life.The feral killers are nothing short of despicable low-life scum without any shred of humanity in them.And I also reject their stupid justification that muslims had been killed in Afghanistan by British soldiers! My thoughts are with the family of this brave soldier who served his country with honour.

  2. I know, Will. I keep saying to myself that the killers are not human. They just CANNOT be human. Even a dog would show greater compassion. And, I agree with you. Their excuse does not hold water. Poor poor soldier. May His family find the strength to bear their great loss. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Unfortunately such heinous crimes will continue to happen as long as world governments continue to turn a tacit blind eye to the fundamental factors at the heart of Islamic extremism,radicalism and jihadist teachings.The round question of why do people kill in the name of religion should be the focus of urgent global scrutiny!Is extremism and jihad part of acceptable Islamic doctrine? Or are the Jihadists and radical extremists abusing Islamic dotrine in order to satisfy their warped desire for blood and mayhem? If so,is the Muslim community,especially its higher echelons,doing enough to address this apparent abuse of their religion by a perceived minority? Is this a failure of society as a whole? My opinion is one of utter despair at the apparent lack of co-ordinated global efforts to address this global security exigency. World governments have held summits for anything from global finance to global warming,so why not a world security summit on the threat of Islamic extremism and radicalism? World leaders,particularly the West,by now, should have realised that radical Islamic extremism cannot be eradicated solely by the use of armed drones.Infact another question arises....are drone airstrikes fueling the rise of Islamic jihadists? The world needs a fundamental shift in policy, away from the obsession with the "war on terror" to a more inclusive and structured approach.Are you listening President Obama?

  4. have a valid point, Will. True, governments need to get to the root cause of these ghastly acts of violence being perpetrated by members of the Muslim community. There should be a shift in policy, but I'm just wondering if the government will be able to uncover much if they start digging into why people kill in the name of religion. After all, I'm sure MI5, the CIA and other intelligence agencies have been infiltrating organisations, tagging extremists & gathering sufficient evidence. They should have a fair idea if the tenets of Islam is in someway supporting violence...that's my take.

    However, I'm leaning more towards the government cracking down on Google. There is just too much pernicious info available at the click of a button. Any info that will aid the radicalisation of young men and women, any info that will promote violence and terrorism should be blocked. It should not be accessible. I know it sounds like extreme censorship & could be a slippery slope, but I'm all for that.

  5. I'm bending more towards the govt breaking down on Search engines. There is just too much pernicious details available at the mobile. Any details that will aid the radicalisation of younger men and ladies, any details that will enhance violenceBillig WOW Gold
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