Monday, 3 September 2012

Finally...the long-awaited photos

A miracle occurred this morning: my moribund mobile suddenly sprang to life momentarily. So, I was able to copy all my contacts (very quickly) and also copy some of the photos I took in Paris - hurray!

I hope you enjoy viewing them. The only catch is, I haven't included captions. I'd like you to guess where each photo was taken. There are lots in hints in my travel diaries. Enjoy!


  1. Wow Fresh Angle, these pictures are absolutely brilliant. From statues with the most realistic facial expressions that I have seen to the peaceful serenity of the river and then the cool pictures of people beside world famous monuments...I loved it!
    I don't think that one day will be enough to express the fresh thoughts that your pictures gingered up in my thinking, so I am asking for permission to write about them over three days starting from tomorrow?
    See you tomorrow then.

    1. Wow! Dlaw! Where do I start? Okay, let me see if I can tackle each of your comments. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

  2. At last I have internet access. Here are my titles for the pictures along with any fresh thoughts that they motivated:
    Pic 1. I am guessing that that this was taken at the Museum D'Orsay. I am not sure if it is St. Genevieve or St. John represented. But I'll go for the latter as the statute looks more masculine than feminine. The expressions on the statutes faces of pain and victory create a powerful contrast. So the title I offer is "Victory's spice: The cry of defeat!"

    Pic 2. This doesn't take difficulty guessing. The Eiffel Tower right? A lot of people are lounging under it seemingly doing other things. So I'm suggesting the title "Nigeria, An Eiffel like home for all: where many lounge in uncaring rappour".

    Pic 3. I am not sure about this take. Is it the Notre Dame the way to which you missed? If so, "Life's ways are like the Notre Dame's entrance, visible and yet difficult to find"
    Alternatively it could be the musuem. Then I'd say "With welcoming arms a museum attracts the mind"

    Pic 4. This cannot be but the Luxemburg gardens that you visited, right? The picture exudes peace found in a long walk. My suggested title "Keep tredding the long walk called life, you'll find Luxumberg like peace along its paths."

    Pic 5. is one of my favourite of the set/pack. This must be the river Seine. "The serenity of the Seine, nature's answer to life's ills.

    1. Dlaw - a big well done! You almost got it all. Yes, pic one is Musee d'orsay - bingo!

      Pic 2 is the Eiffel tower, yes.

      Pic 3 is actually the Luxembourg garden, while pic 4 is the botanical garden.

      Yes pic 5 is the River Seine.

      Well done again, and a million and one thanks for your fantastic comments!

  3. Take 5 also shows how nature is being eaten away by modern buildings and development. It could then say 'Save my serenity! The Seine's cry in the face of modern developments."

    Pic 6. represents in my guess St Genevieve. The convention national title helps give it away. My suggested title is "One nation and People: nationalism still the see for modern Peoples". It is another of my favourites amongst your pictures. Or is it could be used for women's rights then we could say "Women's Rights: the Rights of all Peoples"

    1. Pic 6 was actually taken in the pantheon, a building where many of France's national heroes were buried. It's not far from St Genevieve's memorial though. I like the description. Yes, it is very nationalistic isn't it?

  4. Pic 7. Seems like a government house of some sort. It has more people than in any other picture. How do you like this: "A Government's typical style, many people but nor direction".

    Pic 8. The pillars of this building look enormous. Is it the Roman Catholic place or the museum. Whichever, the following quote fits "The pillars of time: unending are life's lessons. Please look!"

    Pic 9. looks like a train or tube station. It seems to say "Welcome to Paris, where your business goes about like you: quickly, unnoticed and uninterrupted". (he he he)

    Pic 10 I think represents another French Saint. In contrast I am not sure that England offers as many statutes. The statute is looking over contemporary residents of the world. So I will suggest the title "Yesterday's saints, guarding and guiding contemporary life's traits"

    1. Pic 7 is hotel d'ville. There's a concert taking place there.

      Pic 8 is the pantheon.

      Pic 9 is Musee d'orsay.

      Nice try.

  5. A comical way to depict Pic 10. is the fact that the statute's breasts are virtually all out, yet the three men underneath seem to hardly notice. The statute could say "What's happened to the world? What age is this? That my boobs stand all out, yet the men seem not to notice!" (lol)

    Pic 11. This should be the Arc d'France or a similar name. It looks nice and seems to be saying "In, out, or standing still: make sure that you pass through each one of life's gates!"

    Thanks once more for a set of pics that I enjoyed. I invite other Fresh Angle readers to re-write the picture titles as they will or offer alternatives.
    We'll be watching out for more good stuff. DLaw

  6. Lol! the statue is in front of musee d'orsay. Loved it.

    The final pic arc d'triomphe, so well done. You've done really well.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Yes, I'd also welcome captions for the pictures from other readers.

    Thanks, Dlaw!

  7. You are such a hard-tack master Oluchi.Anyway I'll give it a go (But u know I work for Renault - a French company) Ok Interest declared,now lets give it a whirl...

    1.Musee d'orsay or Orsay museum
    2.Please...La Tour Eiffel
    3.Luxembourg gardens
    4.Botanical gardens
    5.River Seine
    6.La convention Nationale Patheon
    7.Hotel de ville
    8.The Patheon
    9.Orsay museum
    10.Notre Dame cathedral (hopefully)
    11.Arc de triomphe

    Over to you miss Ugwu.

  8. Task master! what a typo above,but never mind

  9. Well, well, well, Will. Very impressive - though you've already let me in on the secret (you work for a French company!).

    You were almost spot on (apart from number 10. It is actually museum d'orsay). A big well done.

    Your comment is much appreciated.