Thursday, 26 January 2012

Laugh Out Loud!!


  1. Well yes, the PC or laptop has become a more dominant part of our lives. That's the reality of living...must not get left behind. But also must not get caught up/lost in the stereo-typing of a computer face.
    But I think the funniest was the little boy coming home to his father with a gun. Hilarious! I suppose the simple lesson is that your life is made up of the little things, not the big ones, but the little things that you keep about you (like the micro that the chickens were looking at). Thanks for the pictures Fresh Angle

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dlaw. Personally I have observed that people would rather relate online than face-to-face, which is a shame because humans are wired for companionship.

      I know, I laughed at the little boy too. Like father like son.

  2. I guess that's long distance communication in the same house. That can never happen in our Nigerian culture.
    If Juliet's hard drive died, then I guess Romeo's operating system crashed too.
    I actually thought those chickens were watching tv until I realized that it was an oven... A real horror movie. Hehehe!
    If that young guy can carry a gun to school at his age, only God knows what he'll be carrying when he's much older. His dad should be scared.
    Another hilarious one.

    1. Lanre, your comments are so hilarious! Long-distance communication in the same house - I love that!

      I laughed at the chicken too - poor things watching a horror movie.

      As for the boy, it's the bravado with which he handed the gun back to his Dad that got me. If Daddy uses it, so can I. Yes we can! Lol.