Friday, 13 November 2015

My Eureka Moment

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This morning I had an Aha! moment. 

I was behind the wheel, thoughts swivelling through my head.

Then, it hit me: the true meaning of success. 

This is no exaggeration: I felt like doing an Archimedes - bounding down the street (fully clothed of course) shrieking "Eureka! Eureka! I have found it!"  😀
So, in true Archimede's fashion, I'd like to share with you my principle of buoyancy. By buoyancy, I mean floating through life with stars in your eyes, knowing the world is yours and you are the definition of true success. 

Here are my Five Principles of Success:

1. Never believe the hype: the popular definition of success is sooo flawed! If you're waiting for those six figures to roll in before you proclaim yourself a success. Sorry! You're likely to coast through life most miserable. 

 2. Never compare yourself to anyone else. Yep! You are not in competition with anyone. Work hard and smart at what you're doing. Leave the rest to to time and chance. 

3. Happiness is found in fulfilling purpose. Mind you, purpose isn't necessarily some groundbreaking achievement. It is about adding value to the lives of others in your own little way.

4. You can't be happy or successful without strong relationships. A relationship with God is imperative. Having the love of family and friends is indispensable. Fact.

5. Gratitude. Having a mindset that appreciates the beauty of nature, the breath of life, health, the joy of tucking into that pepperoni pizza...the beauty of living.

What are your five principles of success?


  1. I work based on the 4 D's of success. DEDICATION DILIGENCE DETERMINATION DISCIPLINE. I am also a blogger. You can check out my page and follow.

  2. Hi Martina, thanks for stopping by. Will check out your blog.