Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Why I will never stop writing

Sometimes I ask myself, if I could rewrite my history, would I choose to be a writer again?
It's a difficult question because writing is my first love but it is not financially rewarding. I remember writing my first book at the age of 10; it was titled "How to read and write". I showed my parents, and they were mightily impressed. That encouraged me to take the plunge. My next 20 page handwritten book was titled "Ify and the band of thieves". I know, sounds corny.
After that it was a tide of poems, short stories and even self-help books ("How to keep yourself till marriage" - written at the age of 15. Yikes!)

Degrees in media, and print journalism followed suit, all geared towards catapulting me onto the path of writing success: producing seminal journalistic pieces, working for the big guns in the media industry, publishing deals, bestselling books, a readership base...

Did it pay off? Will it pay off?

Well, I've had stints here and there.  Dabbled into a bit of proofreading. Caught the blogging bug (By the way, haven't made a dime from 8-year-old Fresh Angle!). Written two more adult novels, a collection of short stories, poems, and published feature articles in renowned papers. Still haven't hit the megabucks through my writing.  In fact, I took a detour careerwise.

So, back to my tricky question. Would I be a writer again - yay or nay?

Writing propels me to the seventh heavens. There's a magical feeling I experience when writing that is difficult to describe. Hours can whiz by without me noticing. It's like I'm ensconced in a world filled with bright rainbows and every strand of euphoria.

Writing gives me a sense of purpose. I believe and know it's a calling

Writing is lottttts of hours of sweat and grind with no reward or at best, peanuts. You need multiple sources of income to keep afloat.

The market is crowded, saturated and fiercely competitive. Getting your work out there is like scaling mount Everest.

What do you think? Does following your passion always pay off in the long run?

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