Saturday, 6 December 2014

New Year Resolutions ARE a Waste of Time

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Seriously, before you begin the pointless exercise of writing 151 things that you're going to achieve in 2015, you better save yourself the ink and paper. 

Chances are, you've  been writing 100 to-do things every year, and at the end of the year only two or three items have been struck off the list. So why do we persist in writing these pointless lists? And more importantly, why have they become the modus operandi?

Because most times the narratives of our lives lie in achievements. We equate striking items off our lists to being 'proactive' 'driven' 'purposeful'. They help us cultivate a deeper meaning in our mundane, everyday lives. They somehow provide a broader context to our lives - that we're not just meandering through the born-school-work-family-kaput cycle of life. We are actively contributing to the progress of humanity; we are leaving our footprints in the sand of time; ultimately, we are building a legacy - one that will hopefully outlive even posterity.

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But here's a thought: you don't really need a long, fairytale, feel-good list aka 'New Year Resolution' to funnel your giddy dreams of leaving your fingerprints smeared all over the globe. Not necessary. I did that for donkey years. Was a good exercise in futility. Many of those 'resolutions' are still 'gathering dust' on my hard drive. Now I'm smarter. I have effectively distilled my dreams, stripped them down to the bare bones, and rolled them into two simple activities I want to do TODAY. NOW. So my head is not impaled on cloud nine, guzzling up gluttonous fantasies that render me impotent to do what I can do today because I am dreaming of a glorious future when my life will fall into place seamlessly like a jigsaw puzzle. Uh uh. Those lists, those resolutions, those intoxicating goals/dreams/visions will keep me firmly rooted in fantasy land. I'll be all tipsy with excitement about my promise land, but as far away from it as the sun is from planet earth.

So, dear Fresh Angle Faithfuls, I implore you to join my brigade. Incinerate the daisy-imprinted goggles, jettison the dutiful New Year resolution notes, banish the ever-faithful folder holding those dusty lists.

If you could distill the kernel, essence, soul of your dreams to two items, what would they be? If there's anything you could do to achieve them RIGHT NOW, what would it be? If the cat hasn't got your fingers, what's stopping you from DOING SOMETHING today? Don't know about you, but my backside is burning, my fingers are itching, feet restless; I'm off to make a difference because my future is wrapped in a precious gift called TODAY.

Too early to say, I know. But it's been nice riding through 2014 with you all. I hope your dreams and hopes (Activities) in 2015 bring you the success you desire.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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