Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Beauty is for Sale

 Bella tossed her long braids onto her shoulder. Her full lips twisted into a half-smile as she sashayed past two quarrelling drivers whose vehicles had collided. Both drivers were busy drooling over her spotless brown skin and the sway of her curvaceous hips. It took a head-on collision to jerk them back to reality.

Bella strutted across the road and towards a glass office complex, thoroughly enjoying every minute of the attention she commanded. It was one of the perks of being beautiful, and one of her greatest pleasures.

She paused in front of the storey building to take in its sight. It was beautiful inside and out. It also belonged to her dream employer – Liberty Bank. She had dreamed of working for the bank for years, and suddenly this was her chance: she had been invited for an interview.

Bella was a bag of nerves and excitement. Nerves, because she had lied on her application form.  She stated that she had three years of experience – that was a lie. She had been unemployed for three years. She stated that she had a good head for figures. That was also a lie. Figures gave her migraines.

But that didn’t deter her. She was not banking on her skills or qualifications to get the job; she was banking on her beauty.  She knew her interviewer was a middle-aged man who had a weakness for beautiful women, and she planned to exploit his weakness to the fullest. 

(to be continued)


  1. Ah, nice one Oluchi. Well for anyone who has known the challenge of being without work for a while, one cannot blame Bella for her lies. While her beauty may help her get the job, it won't help her keep the job. And keeping a job is even more important than just getting employed. I look forward to the next edition of the story.

  2. and its not einstein its felicia

  3. I think that the biggest irony of beauty is that it is a lone ranger virtue. What do I mean? When you're young and beautiful everyone wants to be your friend, once you get a bit older you become the unwanted animal in the pack! So Bella should utilise her beauty if it can get her a job, but she should not forget that assets and skills will ultimately count for more, 'cos they have a more longer lasting effect.

  4. Thank you for all your comments, Felicia, and for being the first person to post a comment. A very happy new year to you.

    I agree with you, assets and skills count more. Sometimes, however, graduates do not have the opportunities to gain the skills and assets needed to obtain their dream job, yet employers want skills. It's a vicious cycle.

    A million thanks for your comments once again.