Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Letter to Heaven

Dear G.O.D,

Can I offer a penny for your thoughts?

Sometimes when I contemplate the string of bizarre events overtaking planet earth, I’m caught between a cackle and a cry.

It makes me think about you. I wonder what you think of us, mortal men. I try to imagine your reaction to our extreme weaknesses and proclivities to destroy one another and the earth with our own hands.

I wonder if you LOL at some of the political antics, like the federal shutdown in the U.S. It’s difficult to filter facts when each side has a barrage of ammunition to state their case. Extortion, holding to ransom, obstinacy, a refusal to compromise…the rhetoric flows endlessly.

I find even more hilarious the recent US operation in Libya. The Libyan forces are crying wolf: “Why did you come into our country and seize one of our citizens without prior permission?”  But according to an eye witness, the Libyan forces actually led the way in plucking out the Al-Qaida suspect. Lol. But on a more serious note, isn’t it pathetic that the African leaders are more than happy for terrorism to flourish right on their doorstep?
 G.O.D, do you ever feel tempted to throttle their fat necks, puncture their pregnant tummies, set horse whips on their backs and send a tsunami to wipe away their secret accounts where they stash billions belonging to the suffering masses?
How have they lost the milk of human compassion you meticulously ingrained in their hearts? How can they delightfully turn their citizens into vagabonds roaming the face of the earth?

My thoughts go to the tragedy on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Five hundred immigrants had set out from Eritrea in search of salvation. Only 212 made it ashore. Divers, who searched the sunken vessel, reported seeing bodies on their feet and arms stretched out, calling for help. Italian coastguards say they did not see the boat sinking. Hmm…

And on top of it all, Dear G.O.D, we have developed an unhealthy appetite for doom and gloom stories. It’s all we feed on day and night.

So, returning to my original request, can I offer a penny for your thoughts? Can you let me into your ruminations about planet earth and the increasingly bizarre antics of the human race?

We eagerly await a peek into your divine thoughts here on Fresh Angle.

Yours truly,

Fresh Anglites.


  1. An interesting write up Oluchi. One of the things that I enjoy about this site is the opportunity to see a holistic/ world view of events in a few minutes. Yes, I sincerely wish I had the skill to deal with stupid African leaders, however I find that our refusing to keep silent when such tragedies happen is the biggest weapon we have at this time. It will open peoples minds to think differently and push for change. Thanks for the avenue provided for us on Fresh Angle, keep it up!

  2. Many many thanks, Dlaw. It is indeed tragic. We hope for better leaders and better days ahead.

  3. Interesting