Sunday, 3 June 2012

Long Live The Queen

Congratulations to her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, as she celebrates 60 years on the throne. She has been an epitome of consistency, integrity and dignity all through the years. May her reign continue to be glorious.


  1. I think the Queen comes across as a nice person but I'm not particularly inclined to the Royal family and all that goes with it.

  2. It's been a flamboyant and lavish display to mark the queen's Diamond Jubilee,from the pomp and circumstance of the official displays to the street parties across the UK. Underneath it all,lest we forget,is the human story of a monarch striving to stay relevant in 21st century Britain.Queen Elizabeth II remains one of the most admired and respected monarch's in the history of this country.Long live the queen.

    1. Well done Will, you've hit the nail on the head! For it is easy to forget that being a monarch involves so many obligations: from not going to school as a child, but being home taught, to having to shake your hand in a particular manner. You cannot go window shopping in the shops and must remain locked in at certain places. The fact that of all the half or dozen or so women that have married into the royal family over the past 60 years of the reign of Elizabeth II none of them stayed, but all divorced out of it for lives with more freedom shows how difficult this mix of British tradition is.

  3. Thanks for your eulogy Fresh Angle, one which I for one think to be well deserved by her majesty. I'll join you in saying 'Hip Hip Hooray' for Queen Elizabeth II at this time. The only desire that I might express is that she will now step aside so that Charles may have the opportunity to contribute and leave his own mark upon British history before he gets too old.

  4. Thanks Fresher Angle for rightly praising 60 years of hard work. I'll join you in saying 'Hip-hip-hooray' to her majesty at this time. My only request will be that she now step aside so that Charles will have an opportunity to contribute his own quota/ place his own mark on British history before he gets too old to enjoy it.

  5. Dear All, thanks for the information.

    Well the call for Charles to step into the Queen's shoe is a difficult one because one cannot eat his cake and still have it. Charles divorced Lady Diana you will recall and for him to be a King, he will automatically become the head of Anglican Church. The implication is that if one is divorced, he will never play that role. If you look through the history books, you will find one of the Kings who decided to leave the throne in order to re-marry. I think the Queen should vacate for Charle's first or second son; Charles has decided to finish Diana because of this old wife of his - I pray that God will forgive him.

    Kind regards,