Saturday, 17 March 2012

Around the World in Five Minutes

Moroccan Women Protest 'embarrassing' law
Moroccan activists have stepped up pressure to scrap laws that allow rapists to marry their victims after a 16-year-old girl killed herself.

Amina Filali swallowed rat poison after being severely beaten during a forced marriage to her rapist. An online protest has started and protests are planned for today against the law described by campaigners as an ‘embarrasment’. The penal code allows the “kidnapper” of a minor to marry her to escape jail.  Women’s rights groups say the law is used to justify a traditional practice of allowing a rapist to marry his victim to preserve the honour of the woman’s family.
 Arrest Warrant for Swazi Minister who cut salaries 

In Swaziland, the government has issued an arrest warrant for the finance minister after he cut senators salaries by 10 per cent without permission. Majozi Sithole was said to have defied a senate resolution not to deduct 10 per cent from salaries, and undermined the dignity of Senate. Majozi has not been seen since walking out of parliament.

 Indonesia asks UK to Take Back Contaminated Scrap

Indonesia has asked the UK to take back 1,800 tonnes of contaminated waste, the UK’s Environment Agency has revealed. In January inspectors found 89 waste containers exported from the UK as “scrap metal” appeared to contain liquid and other illegal mixed waste. The Environment Agency said it has begun an investigation and is working closely with the Indonesian authorities. In 2011, 51 waste containers due to be exported were held or returned to the UK, while in 2010 the Environment Agency received 31 requests to repatriate 407 tonnes of waste.
Moldova elects President after Three-year Deadlock

The eastern European country of Moldova has elected a president after nearly three years of political deadlock. On Friday 61 of the country’s 101 legislators approved the election of Nicolae Timofti, a judge. Moldova has been without a president since 2009 because its largest party, which has 58 seats could not muster the 61 votes required.

World's 'Ugliest dog' Dies 

A bug-eyed mutt dubbed the world's ugliest dog has died aged 17. Miss Ellie became a TV star after beating 60,000 other dogs to scoop the title in America last year.  The pimply Chinese crested hairless also helped raise around £70,000 for animal charities. Owner Dawn Goehring, of pigeon forge, Tennessee, plans to open an animal shelter in her memory.


  1. So the honour of the family is more important than that of the raped girl in Morocco? I say well done to the authorities in Indonesia. Let the UK handle its own contamination!
    Sorry to hear of the attitude of the Senate in Swaziland. Are the politicians in Africa as greedy as that? Tell the finance minister that he can squat and hide in my house.
    As for the 'ugly' dog, luckily I don't think animals haveto go through the test to get to heaven. SO it has no problem.

    1. Ha ha ha! Dlaw, you're so funny. The dog must have been oblivious of its ugly looks. As far as it was concerned, it had an owner that adored it and, yes, now it is laughing out loud in heaven!

      The Moroccan law is sad indeed. Imagine a girl having to marry her rapist all for the sake of preserving family honour. Very sad.

      The Swazi govt is pathetic. Of all things to develop a headache over - mind you it has the highest rate of HIV infection worldwide - it is a meagre 10 per cent cut in MPs salaries. Shame on them!

  2. Do you know I've not really heard of Moldova until now? Who are its neighbours on the map please if I may ask? What does the state produce? Thanks for the info FresherAngle

    1. I know, Moldova is one of those obscure countries you hear about once in a blue moon. It was formerly part of the Soviet Union & is a tiny country sandwiched between Romania & Ukraine. If you Google it, you'll get much more info.

      A million thanks for all your comments.

  3. Honestly which genius came up with the idea of joining together a rapist and the very woman he violated? This Moroccan law is nothing more than than a grotesque subversion of moral order. The sanctimonious buffoons who came up with it should be ashamed of themselves.
    As for the bumbling Swaziland senators, what a perfect example of African Mickey mouse politics. I agree with you Oluchi, you'd think the bungling government had more expedient issues to deal with, such as the dubious honour of having the world's highest HIV infection rate, their disastrous economy or even their scandalous monarchy.
    Good for Sri Lanka for standing up to the UK.

    1. Love your use of terminology Will: 'grotesque subversion', 'sanctimonious buffoons', 'bumbling senators' and 'dubious honour' are a few examples.
      The contrasts especially help in emphasising where the problems lie. African languages have some similar proverbs that can help them if they do not understand your adept use of english language.

  4. I agree, Will. The basis of the Moroccan law is totally debasing. As one activist put it, the govt are more interested in morality than an individual's welfare. The family will get rid of their 'no longer a virgin' daughter at any cost 'cos she no longer falls under the label of 'marriage material.' Terrible.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  5. Men, during biblical times, a rapist is required to be stoned to death. The Moroccan law is abnormal because what it entails is that if a girl refuses one's advances, the same man can still achieve his aim by use of force. The law should be abolished because we are talking of 2012 for God's sake and not 1512!


  6. That's true, Prof G. It's mind blowing to think that such an archaic law still exists in today's world. I concur, it should be abolished ASAP. Thank you for your comment.